Terms of Service

The website www.saketattoo.com includes the online store, which is the electronic presence of the company under the name “KARAMPETSOS IOANNIS” and the distinctive title “SAKETATTOO.” (VAT number 102305469, D.A.O of CHALANDRI). The company’s registered office is located at KOLOKOTRONI 9, Chalandri, Athens, ZIP CODE 15234.

“SAKETATTOO” aims at immediate and rapid service and satisfaction of the company’s customers’ requirements. By creating this e-shop, our company aims at a new form of communication with our customers. The e-shop of saketattoo is addressed to all Internet users who wish to be immediately informed of the products offered by our company in combination with the possibility of making purchases through the e-shop, via a remote online order, always subject to the sufficiency of the company’s inventory.

These terms are fully compatible with applicable European and Greek law while users recognize the Company’s right to alter the provisions of these present terms to the extent that they do not relate to its binding legal obligations and without affecting affected situations.

The user of the site acknowledges that has read these terms, agrees with them and undertakes the obligation to observe them.

It is our duty that the customer is always up to date and secure. For this reason, we inform the customers of our online store about the following issues:




The website www.saketattoo.com uses the Eurobank’s SSL protocol for secure online trading. This encrypts all credit card information so that they can not be read or changed when they are transferred over the Internet.

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is currently the world’s leading online standard for the certification of web sites for network users and for encrypting data between web users and web servers. An encrypted SSL communication requires all information sent between a client and a server to be encrypted by the sender software and decrypted by the receiving software, thereby protecting personal information when transferred. In addition, all information sent under the SSL protocol is protected by a mechanism that automatically verifies whether the data has been changed during transport.



The features and other elements of the products to be sold are available and you can get informed by following the search instructions listed on our web pages by clicking on the name of the respective product.



Ordering through the e-shop is the conclusion of a distance selling contract regulated by the legislative framework of Law 2251/1994, as it has been amended.

You have the ability to make a valid order through the e-shop if you are legally qualified and in compliance with the articles of the Greek Civil Code (given that you have reached your eighteenth year of age and do not have legal support for the conclusion of a sales contract). Orders can be made by representatives of legal entities, while the company reserves the right to claim from the legal counselor or guardian any orders made by legally incapacitated persons.


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