Weapon X-Zeus

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Weapon X-Zeus 

Pure drop release will be 59 numbered pieces.The size is 25-27cm height and its made of resin-marble powder.The statue comes with an authenticity certificate.

All statues may have differences between them due to hand made process.

Shipping cost is included in the statue price.



Zeus was the king of the Olympian gods, son of Cronos and Rhea. At some point, Cronos was given a prophecy that one of his children would overthrow him so he ate each of them as they were born.

When Zeus was born his mother instead of giving the infant to be eaten, she tricked Cronos into eating a stone. Zeus grew to adulthood and then plotted his revenge.

With the help of his siblings, the Cyclops and the Giants, Zeus went to a ten year war against Cronos and the Titans. During these years Zeus mastered his healing ability, his transformation ability and the ability to wield his energy-manipulating powers.

It is said that during the final battle with Cronos, Zeus transformed into a wolverine. The fierce and aggressive animal with the ability to kill much larger enemies and the reputation of ferocity and strength out of proportion to its size. He used his long claws to blind one of Cronos’ eyes and finally enslave him.

Source: scrolls of Alexandria!

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Marble powder, Resin


25cm – 27cm