Panagiotis Deligiannidis (a.k.a. Kenlar) is a graffiti writer that recently joined SakeTattooCrew as a tattoo artist! A very creative, dedicated and communicative individual that shares the same passion for art with the other members of our team and seeks to meet new people and experience situations that will help him improve as an artist! His style mixes realism with graphic elements and he is very experienced with photoshop, illustrations and graffiti art! A fresh start for Kenlar who is in the mood for hard work, something that helped him adapt to the artistic environment and the requirements of our shop!

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If you are interested in working with us as a tattoo artist, as a piercing artist, as a member of the reception crew or as an artist in the broad sense that will represent STC studio at various events/festivals, fill in the following formula concerning your application.